First Family Festive Season

When the next festival seasons, it can sometimes become a little bit overwhelming but what are the best ways to celebrate the festivals seasons?


Even though carving pumpkins is an old tradition from the 19th Century, why not continue the tradition by inviting friends to your house and carve different faces and shapes into pumpkins together. Whilst carving the pumpkins, you could also make it a competition and possibly create a prize for the best pumpkin!

After carving your pumpkins, you could host a dinner for you and your friends and enjoy some Halloween-themed food and drinks. You can enjoy a seasonal treat, that you’ve always been wanting to try, and munch on it as you watch a scary movie!

If you are feeling more adventurous, you could experiment by hiking into different locations, especially places which are known for paranormal activity.


Bonfire Night

On the 5th of November, which is bonfire night, you could invite your friends to your home to burn some old wood and have a colourful firework display. As this is the most popular way to celebrate Guy Fawkes, you could display some fireworks and continue the fun with sparklers with your family.

The foods and drinks which are to be partnered beside bonfire night consist of wine to parkin cake.  The food which is eaten on Guy Fawkes tends to vary between the different communities. You can enjoy hot soup and grilled potatoes which are timeless favourites that will help keep you warm throughout the night. On bonfire night, if you are looking for a treat, parkin cake is another great option!



As Christmas is the season of giving, there are so many ways to give, from donating to a charity, cooking extra food to provide someone with a Christmas meal, or giving a gift to someone that otherwise wouldn’t have had it like the homeless. With your friends and family, you can also hang up decorations around your home.

Every year there is new music which gets released, music creates the feeling of Christmas and the music reminds you about what Chrismas day is really about. If you are looking for a bit of excitement around Christmas, you could gather your family together to sing Christmas carols together or stroll through the neighbourhood bringing some Christmas cheer to other people. 

At night when you are with your family, especially if you have children, you can get a personalised stocking holder to hang your stockings on at Christmas.