Father's Day Gift Guide

Every year, when Father’s Day comes around, I find myself struggling to find my dad a gift! Why are dads so difficult to buy for? Someone you’ve, probably, known all your life and yet when it comes to buying gifts for them you may as well be strangers!

So this blog is for all those other wives/children/nieces and nephews who are also all burnt out of gift ideas!

For Travel-Loving Fathers

Who doesn’t love a holiday? I don’t think anyone enjoys a holiday more than our dads. Everyone deserves a break, whether its 2 days or 2 weeks. Make sure dad travels in style with a classic holdall bag, a carry-on backpack or a weekend-duffle bag and a matching passport cover.

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For Home-Loving Fathers

As much as they adore a relaxing holiday, it is a well-known fact that dads – specifically – love the sofa just as much! Perhaps a media cabinet to rest the trophy TV upon? A cosy blanket for the winter months? Or maybe a bath caddy to somehow make bath time even more leisurely? Whatever you decide for your homebody-father, make sure it suits his lifestyle…

AO Home | Father's Day Gift Guide

For Tech-Savvy Fathers

With the digital world constantly evolving, it’s important to keep your dad in the technology-loop! This wireless charger tray is multifunctional, keeping your keys and letters organised, acting as an iPad or tablet stand and keeping your phone charged up too.


For the Technologically-Challenged Fathers

Alternatively, we know that some of the older generation just can’t wrap their heads around how technology works these days. Keep it simple for your old school dad and gift him with a simple board game from his childhood! A family game of the classics like Snakes and Ladders, Dominoes, even a deck of cards would suffice – no time is better than family time and I’m sure your old-school old man will appreciate it!

AO Home | Father's Day Gift Guide