Father's Day Gifts

When Father’s Day arrives each year, it can be difficult when thinking about which gifts you should buy. AO Home is here to help everyone looking for inspiration when buying gifts for this Father’s Day.


As technology is quickly evolving, most Fathers are trying to keep up too. This Wooden Wireless Smartphone Charger Tray is effective for the dad’s to quickly charge their phone, without constantly having to scrounge around and look for a charger that has probably been swiped.

This charger tray will also help your dad organise all his bits of paper and includes a place to keep his keys. As this is a gift, it can also be personalised from writing on the edges to different symbols.

Wireless Charger Tray   

Everyone has their own boring, standard alarm clock so why not enhance your Dads tech with this Flip Click Clock which comes in a range of colours depending on your Dad's taste.

As this clock is sound sensitive it will go quiet and lights dim whilst sleeping. The clock automatically fades away and then lights back up when it detects sound again. If you want the time to be present at all times, this is an option too. When the alarm goes off, simply turn the clock over and snooze! Even better the numbers will automatically turn over too.

Flip Clock 


Everyone, especially Fathers, enjoys watching the TV so why not get them a new TV Cabinet which is made using lasers to gain the geometric pattern. This TV cabinet will effortlessly help add modernism and sophistication to any home.

Media Cabinet 

If you know any fathers who are budding chefs, we offer different spices, to help discover new tastes and flavours. If he prefers tea or cocktails you can also get him different flavours or add a few drops when creating cocktails to discover new flavourings.


Every Father loves to go travelling, so why not be prepared? This duffle bag will help to carry all his belongings regardless of the length or location. This duffle bag is handmade to your order and comes complete with a complimentary dust cover to keep everything clean in between jet setting away!

For business or personal travel, this duffle bag is always suitable. When your Dads are on the go, being comfortable is important, which is why this duffle bag comes with an optional extendable shoulder strap with additional padding for increased comfort.

Duffle Bag