6 Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Deciding to be more eco-friendly will not only help you create a more sustainable environment but it can even save you money. Here are 6 ways to make your home more eco-friendly.

1. Using LED Bulbs

When choosing the make your home more ecofriendly, if you invest in the right energy-efficient light bulbs it can make a huge difference. When using LED bulbs, you will use less electricity but you will also make your home more environmentally-friendly. Another bonus for choosing LED bulbs is that they last longer, are eco-friendly, and they help you save money in the long run.

When deciding the best places to include the LED Bulbs around your home, choosing lamps to be placed around your room will light up your home perfectly!


2. Smart Kitchen

As technology keeps getting smarter and more interesting, and as a result, even the most basic things we use on a day-to-day basis have become pretty advanced. 

Not only can you make your kitchen smart, but you can also make your whole home smarter using different applications in conjunction with Google Assistants and Apple HomePod smart devices. Now you can talk to your microwave and control your blender from your phone, and it's not weird.


3. Houseplants

As houseplants are continuing to get more and more popular, people recognize their mood-enhancing effects and contributions to decoration inside the home. As well as looking amazing, having houseplants in your home will introduce many psychological benefits.

When introducing houseplants into your home, it can also make the air cleaner around you by removing the carbon dioxide and turning into oxygen. This introduces a new way of making sure you don’t become ill whilst also having a new set of colourful plants around your home in colourful planters and plant pots!

When adding plants to the home, they will help lessen any harmful gases which may be in the air. A study from NASA says that houseplants can remove 87% of toxins from the air.


4. Recycled and Reused Items

Before throwing away that old piece of clothing, think about if you can reuse it around your home, which will result in you not needing to spend as much money on other accessories and clothing.

As well, when buying furniture, choosing reclaimed furniture will help with reducing costs as well as helping the environment as there are fewer new materials being used.

Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly source of furniture or looking for a new style of which reclaimed materials bring,  buying reclaimed furniture should be an informed decision and the obvious choice for your home!


5. Solar Panels

One of the best ways of adding electricity into your home is by using and integrating solar panels into your source. 

When adding solar panels, these are the best ways of having electricity stored without burning fossil fuels which are producing greenhouse gases. So, the conclusion of solar panels is gaining more electricity without emitting pollution into the earth and helping the environment.

Making Home Ecofriendly With Solar Panels

If you want to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint, then installing solar panels can be a good choice to be able to add that extra source of power.


6. Becoming Smarter with Water

Whether you opt for a whole-house, your home will instantly become more eco-friendly if you stop buying plastic water bottles. When adding a water filter into your home, saves time, money, and helps reduce the amount of single-use plastic that ends up in the landfills.

When having the use of water-saving devices around your home, they will help with the solution of reducing water consumption and energy wastage in your home. As well, when using water-saving devices, water conservation can help prevent water pollution in nearby water and watersheds which will help with saving water.

One of the best ways to become smart with water is using rainwater harvesting which collects and stores rainwater for re-use on-site as opposed to letting it go to waste. When you install a rainwater harvesting system, it can save water consumption by up to 50%. This is by far one of the easiest and most energy-efficient ways to save water, money and energy for your home - which is a huge benefit!