Easter Decoration Inspiration

From decorating eggs to creative lettering, there are many ways to decorate your home perfectly for easter.

Easter Eggs

If you are looking for a seasonal activity to do with your children or you’re just feeling creative, decorating eggs is the most relevant and exciting activity for you to do.

From baskets to painting characters, some of the ideas and patterns for your easter eggs could be placed in alternative baskets like vases and planters to be creative. When decorating your eggs, if you are looking for an activity, which a bit more complex, you can use Ukrainian Dye to create a masterpiece.

Inspiration for Decoration of Easter Eggs

Creative Lettering

When choosing methods of decorating your home, you can use unique engraved wooden letters which are handcrafted with attention to detail from the best materials, especially if you mix these letters with plants, flowers or moss to add to the detailing.

As well as using greenery on your letters, if you are feeling creative, you could use a mixture of paints to spice up the lettering to become more easter themed.

Wooden Lettering


Either physically or digitally, sharing banners around the time of easter can be joyous for all. Especially if you are throwing an Easter-themed party or casual get together, creating banners or buntings will improve the display around the location. 

If you are wanting to share the Easter spirit digitally, adding a banner to your website or social media, either as a post or cover image for profiles, will wish your audience a Happy Easter, as well as sharing the essence- which is a bonus!

Easter Themed Banner

Easter Cards

If you’re deciding to be creative inside your home with your family or wanting to send themed cards to friends or family, designing, creating and sending cards will be the best way to be festive with your friends and family and give them a pleasant surprise!

Especially when sharing positive and happy cards, it would become a pleasure for everybody to share the joy of Easter, in this happy period sharing together, the spring weather.

Easter Cards Inspiration for Decoration

Food and Treats

With the array of foods and treats, Easter is one of the sweetest holidays of the year. If you are choosing the create these treats together with friends, family or as a seasonal activity, there are many recipes to choose from.

When with friends, why not get some chocolate eggs and create your own easter egg hunt? This means when you have found and gathered all of the missing eggs, you have an end-of-the-game snack - which is positive!

Foods & Treats