Dining Room Trends

The dining room is, and I can’t stress this enough, the most important room in the house. You should create a room you’re proud of and want to host dinner parties in. After all, the dining room is, where your family will spend most of their time during dinner, so you want it to be the room where you can show off your inner-interior-design skills, and still be comfortable.

The third of the Trends by Room series, and it’s a big one! We’re here to help get your dining room in tip-top shape with the latest and greatest trends.


Coachella isn’t the only place to bring your boho-chic style, bring it to your dining room! The shabby chic trend looks effortless and relaxed, straying away from the more conventional matching chair and table sets.

The trick here is to find pieces that look distantly-matched. For example, a set of chairs that are all different styles but tie into each other perfectly with their upholstery or colour. You might go for six chairs that are really 3 separate matching sets. This is a great way to have different shapes in the room without disrupting the décor.


Sophisticated Shapes

Rounded edges look sophisticated and very mid-century-modern – which is a huge home trend for 2020, FYI!

Not only do dinner tables look gorgeous, but they also make it much easier to include everyone in the conversation. An issue I’ve found at some dinner parties is how hard it is to talk to someone at the opposite end of the table but, when sat at a dining table, everyone can see everyone and be included in the conversation! Problem solved.



Green may seem like a scary colour, but don’t be afraid of using deep or bold shades of it. Green can actually look elegant when it’s not taking over the rest of the room.

You can create a trendy space by using green chairs, the colour brings out the dark hues in the room and blends well with them, as well as making a statement!


Black on Black

This trend is edgy and eliminates the fear that it won’t go with anything – because what doesn’t go with black?!

Black on black is timeless and works well in bright, airy spaces as a strong contrast! If your dining room is feeling a bit too bright for those intimate dinner parties, throw a black dining table and matching set of black chairs into the room for an edgy, super trendy feel.

black on black

Deep Colours and Metallics

Deep colours work well during both the day and night, giving you a relaxed, sophisticated feel throughout the day and by night, a cosier vibe.

deep metallic

Bonus Tip: Less is More

1 thing that really irks me about some dining tables is extravagant centrepieces.

Yes, your table looks lovely. Your giant bouquet of flowers looks great. But sit down to eat; can you see the person opposite when you’re sat in the middle? Do your bottles of wine, salad bowls, gravy boats and sides fit in the middle, within easy reach of everyone without moving said centrepiece out of the way? Probably not.

When it comes to dining, less is literally more. The less you have in the centre of your table, the more bottles of wine you fit on the table!

Top tier tip.

less is more

You can now rest assured you have been provided with the trendiest of trends for your dining room!