Design Styles Across The World

When it comes to design, there are many different factors which influence the array of styles from around the world which are unique to the various cultures.


If you are looking for an exotic style in aspects of design, you can use patterns and styles inspired by Morroco. This Moroccan styled Coaster Set will exposure your style and excellent taste! A design which is a typical style in Morroco is horseshoe arches which are characterized by a large round arch.



There are multiple products and styles which originate or are inspired by Spanish culture. The styles from Spain will help inspire the collection of designs. This Arnade Duffle Bag, which is useful for all your travelling needs, is inspired by the 16th-century Spanish sailing fleet.

Duffle Bag

Going traditional with the modern style of tiles is a huge component of Spanish culture design. The tile design comes in a variety of mosaic and beautifully decorated styles which have been refined over time. Even though it isn’t inspired by Spanish Culture, this Buddha Tile will help add culture to your bathroom!


The Japanese culture can be described in one word… Zen! The design styles have been created and developed over thousands of years.

Sliding doors or screens, which are called a Shōji, are an essential part of Japanese culture. With smaller apartments or houses in Japan, these sliding doors will help save space which a swinging door would take up - everyone is searching for more space!

Japanese Shōji


Bright and varied colours are an essential part of Indian design styles. Using a base colour which is using natural materials and shades with bursts of different colours around your house. Placing wooden frames around your home will help you organise and place your items - making sure you don’t lose your keys again.

Another element to India’s design style is using natural wood furniture. For an authentic look, use stunning Indian craftsmanship and choose traditional pieces and wood furniture. If you want to bring a playful vibe to your home, the traditional culture will help add to these vibes.

Indian Traditional Light