Decorating Your Home For Christmas

Decorating Your Home For Christmas

It’s that time of year again, Christmas day will be here before we know it. Make way for sugar cookie decorating, Christmas carolling and movie watching galore. It’s time to start to decorate for Christmas.

From baubles to branches, celebrate Christmas in style this year. By adding some of the biggest decoration trends from last year align with some new decor ideas. 

Looking for the latest decoration ideas to bring your interior to life this Christmas? We’ve got the best decoration ideas for your home:

Make your Christmas tree your own

Decorating a Christmas tree with our family is probably among the best childhood memories we have. However, not everyone likes the thought of cutting down the evergreens, so people came up with an idea to replace them with artificial trees. And now, as the boundaries of imagination are only expanding, the most recent trend is the DIY Christmas trees!

Decorating for you tree making it stand out

For the spaces that couldn’t fit an actual tree, or for the people who want to make the holidays even more special, a DIY Christmas decoration is a great project. 

That way, you can pick the size, the colour, the style, and the texture entirely on your own, and make the tree and the Christmas decorations look like a beautiful accessory, complementing the room decor.

As artificial Christmas trees rise in price, many people have opted for DIY trees. Why have one tree, when you can have several completely different? From Floating Ornament trees to crackers trees having a range of decorated trees around your home that are easy to make with materials in your home.

Transform your kitchen into a festive cooking space

Forget the halls, it’s time to deck your kitchen. Your kitchen becomes a crucial part of Christmas with lots of time spent in there cooking. From cooking the turkey to chopping vegetables and making up mince pies it’s only right that your kitchen is as festive as the rest of the home. 

Festive kitchen space for the family

The best way to decorate is to start with simple ideas like Christmas tea towels and Christmas stickers for your cabinets. Next move onto the bigger decorations like your dining chair backs with a simple twist of ribbons. And if you’ve got the space, a mini Christmas tree can make the perfect festive finishing touch too.

Having a range of different items in your kitchen that complement each other will bring out the festive spirit in the kitchen making cooking much more enjoyable.

Cooking for the whole family can be a stressful time so why not get your Christmas hat on and switch on the Christmas crackers and sing along. 

Make your home brighter with Christmas lighting 

At Christmas time lighting your home up is important inside and out. From fancy scenes outside peoples houses made from 3D reindeers to snowflake lights around a tree or bush. But for inside your home, it’s nice to make it feel welcoming using candles or having a fireplace lit allowing family and friends to gather together.

Home Christmas decorations

The candles are a great way to warm your living room up for all your family. Here at AO, we have a great range of candles to choose from perfect for Christmas allowing you to feel relaxed in a home that smells nice and feels warm. Lighting is a beautiful way to decorate your home with a range of options allowing you to make it as festive as you like both inside and out.    


Make your home and furniture more festive with colours

Christmas is known for its red, white and greens. But the opportunities are endless to create a personalised theme throughout the house using a vast range of colours. If you are looking to match the wintery outdoors with cooler tones, try a wintry palette of icy blues and whites.

However, if you’re looking to channel the classic Christmas colours of reds and greens with traditional rustic decor using a selection of bows tinsel and other Christmas decor around your home will help show your Christmas colour around your home. 


Bring the outdoors in with a white Christmas 

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, it’s time to make that dream a reality. You can do this by creating the same effect indoors with a few simple but effective decor ideas. Using different Christmas themed mats and Rugs are perfect for popping under your Christmas tree to create a beautiful home decoration that recreates the idea of a snowy scene.

White Christmas on the inside

If you want to really step it up this year and get the kids involved, You can create fake snow and use it around the house creating that white Christmas effect for every room in your home. The best way to create fake snow is to follow this step by step guide and you will soon have a white Christmas.