Decorating Traditional-Modern

When you decorate in traditional-modern or transitional designs, you want to incorporate aspects of traditional and modern materials, patterns and ideas to combine them together to create the best interior for your home.

Design and Furnishings

If you want to incorporate modern and traditional designs, you could paint or decorate your walls with modern colours and designs then use traditional materials and furnishings. Mixing the modern design furnishing, as well as vica versa, will help add more design and modernise your home.

Keeping shelves and sideboards open and airy and making sure that your accessories don’t disturb or distract from the original architectural features of your home will provide your home with more space and makes it more welcoming for your guests!

Design and Furnishings - Kitchen

Mixing wood and stone

If you mix wood and stone together in your home, it fuses traditional and modern designs together. The use of wood in this combination, especially using lighter woods, brightens up and modernises your home whilst using stone, like stone or concrete flooring, bring back the traditional and older styles to your home - which looks amazing!

For the kitchen, mixing wood and stone will give make it aesthetically pleasing and increase the friendliness by brightening your kitchen up, especially if you use lighter wood for accessories like a chopping board. Even if you pair wood and stone together as part of the same design element, it has become a trend. Kitchen islands that combine natural stone and wood bring together the best of the natural tones of the materials in a one of a kind countertop that is astounding - as well as making your home unique!

Mixing Wood and Stone Designs

Decorating Tips

  • Creating balance - When mixing the combination between traditional and modern designs, you need to make sure that you have a balance between the two instead of being focused on one side.

  • Using colour and textures - If you use transitional designs which is the mixture of traditional and modern patterns, materials etc. You could use a modern room in your house and add traditional textures like a stainless steel fixture.

  • Pick a theme - When doing interior design or designing in general, picking a theme is an integral part of creating new patterns and insights for your new home design.