Decorating the Bedroom for a Toddler

When decorating the bedroom for a toddler you can add some personality and thoughtful touches to a toddler’s room by displaying walls decorations and different colour schemes.

Wall Decals

If you use Peel-and-stick decals, they are the perfect way to decorate the walls in your toddler’s bedroom, especially if you rent and can’t paint or whilst also saving yourself money! Whilst decorating the room, using decals as part of an overall scheme or just as a fun extra on plain, white walls will also help add a unique design to your toddler’s room.  

Let your kids pick out the decals and place them in position; offer a helping hand to young kids. As your toddler grows older, or simply tires of the theme, it’s easy to remove the decals and replace them with something else or leave the walls bare.

Wall Decals

Toddler-Friendly Storage

Making sure there is plenty of storage in your toddler’s room - especially, at the end of the day, you’ll be glad of somewhere to banish all the toys. Labelling each drawer and storage, if necessary, will make it easier for your toddler to remember, where each item goes and providing a small footstool so he or she can reach items on shelves without having to be adventurous and climbing.

You could also repurpose items like drawers and cabinets to create storage for your toddlers, especially for their toys and gadgets they might have! If your toddlers have a lot of toys, you could also organise the toys in its section of the drawers.



In the toddler’s bedroom, you should make sure there is as much natural lighting as possible. If you have the option of choosing the different rooms in your house, pick the brightest bedroom for your toddler's room. Natural light in the toddler's room will help him/her be more energized and comfortable, which offers a relaxing space for your child to explore and play. 

If you don’t want to use natural lighting or don’t have the choice, you could place lamps and lighting into the bedroom and other places around your house for the toddler.

Natural Lighting Bedroom