Decorating the Bedroom for Christmas

On Christmas Day, waking up with decorations around you will add to the festive feelings but what are the best ways to decorate your bedroom at Christmas?


On your bedroom door, hanging a wreath, especially if you get creative and do-it-yourself, it will add a Christmassy warmth as you are entering or walking around your room. When getting creative, you can make your wreath out of an array of materials from metallic leaves, baubles and more...

As well as adding a wreath to your door, you can make a real focal point of the head of the bed by hanging a wreath above the headboard or bedside tables. There are so many different kinds of designs of which you can choose from, so you can always find one to fit the personality of each member of your family.

WreathPine Cone Decorations


When lighting your bedroom, especially around Christmas, you could add multi-coloured lighting around your room to add more festivities whilst you get wakeup and get dressed in the morning! If you add an array of lighting to your home, especially your bedroom, it will help add to the ambience of the surrounding areas in your abode - which everyone is looking for!

On your bed headboard, as well as hanging up your wreath, you can brighten up your bedroom with multicoloured lighting. If you use traditional colours which are red and green, in different shades, you can add festivities to your home. To add extra lighting and possible festive smells, you can place candles around your room which will add warmth and comfort to your home.



On the evening before Christmas day, you need to hang up your stocking which also means should get a personalised stocking holder, which will add extra design and style to your home. 

If you decorate your bedside tables with a few festive decorations, it will help set the Christmas mood ready for the festive season. When you replace a picture or other accessories with three mini wreaths surrounded with festive items, they will continue the modern country feel.