Decorating the Bedroom for a Baby

Decorating the bedroom for a baby is important for the parents. When decorating a babies room, add some personality and thoughtful touches to a babies room by displaying cute clothes, different colour schemes and cots.

Colour Schemes

Silver as a soft colour is so peaceful but can involve impactful design ideas like the ceiling stripes, navy wall and wall stickers give it real personality. Using silver in a babies bedroom helps give the room a more sophisticated palette which can also be complemented with strong navy accents. The weight of the dark accent colour works against the grey which also grounding the look.

Whilst combining silver and grey to create a sophisticated look, you can also combine red and grey to create contrast. The shades of the red finish help to stands out nicely against the matte grey walls, creating further contrast and adding a rich textural dimension. If you use grey in your combination of colours it is not only timeless but can be customised further for when the child gets older.

Silver Walls Bedroom


A mix of pastels colours when choosing your cot is used to create a soothing space for a babies room. It can be done by incorporating paint on the trim and doors, with a coloured cot and bed frame to add the suitable design. 

When planning and choosing the cots for your babies room, incorporating the styles, designs and colours of the room into the styles of the cots and beds will help add an overall style to the room and potentially add to the house as a whole - which everyone is looking for! In and around the cots, you can add cushions to add more comfortability to the room.



From blankets to different lighting designs, when decorating your babies room, you can use a range of accessories to add more design and comfortability to your home. By accessorising the room you can add some character to a babies room with some thoughtful, unique touches. You can also add wooden accessories like toy boxes to add a touch of naturality.

When deciding the accessories, you can use laminate flooring and choose a multitude of coloured paints or wallpapers too, contrasting them by a range of colourful accessories, regardless of the colour schemes and designs add to decorating the perfect room for your baby!

Coloured Walls