6 Ways to Decorate Your Rented Home

As the number of people renting homes is vastly increasing throughout the years, they need to be extra ways to enhance your creativity whilst in a rented home.

The good news is that we’ve got the solution for you, there are loads of ways to make your space feel more like home - without annoying your landlord or letting go of your deposit.


1. Change up your furnishings

In your home, even though you can’t change everything, you can change up some furnishings and accessories to make your rented home a bit more unique. 

When changing up your furnishings, adding texture and colour to your space is one of the easiest ways to establish an interior scheme when decorating your rented home. This can be achieved by adding different accessories such as rugs, paintings and reclaimed furniture to your home.

Decorated Furnishings


2. Creative Lighting

One of the best ways to introduce creativity and create a unique atmosphere in your rented home is to include the addition of creative and smart lighting throughout your home. 

As you have full control of the colours, patterns and designs you can create with the lighting, you could create an unimaginable, unique atmosphere for every type of mood through lamps and lighting in your home. This also gives the ability to create a different unique atmosphere for each room. 

Smart Lighting

As well as coloured strip lighting which is around your home, you can also add in-floor lighting and spotlighting around your home to illuminate different spaces in your home. With the spotlighting, these can be moved to focus on different areas which are more prominent.

In your office, you can use spotlighting or similar types of lighting to illuminate your surrounding areas which are focused on any of the projects you are working on.

LED Lighting


3. Mirrors

When in your rented home, placing mirrors around your home can give the illusion that you’re living in a bigger space. 

If you have a collection of art, there are many ways to incorporate mirrors into the placement and design layout of your art pieces. If you’ve got an art wall going on in your apartment, a mirror would look right at home among your art, and it’ll add a bit of variety to your home.

Mirror Art

When adding mirrors to your abode, being able to get more creative with the addition, helps your home to become more unique and more creative. 

Adding plants and flowers to your home in conjunction with your mirrors they can help clear the air around your home, as well as adding the extra design to your rented space. 

Mirror Art


4. Bedside Lamps

When decorating your bedside tables, one of the many items which are essential is a bedside lamp. As the bedside lamps can be chosen in many patterns and colours, there is the ability to be creative for any room, any colour scheme, any situation.

If you don’t have space for a bedside lamp, consider opting for a wall-hung lamp. This dark shaded number will cast a glow over the bed at night time, providing just enough light to read a few pages of a book or enable your nighttime routine before heading to bed.

Bedside Lighting

To be extra creative you can use the extra space around your home to be able to enable more lighting in your home. Whether it be using exposed bulbs to give that punch of lighting. Bedroom lighting doesn’t need a fancy lampshade to make a huge impact on that room or your home as a whole. 

In the small rooms of your home,  you’ll want to use as few lights as possible to avoid cluttering the space. In the rooms instead of opting for a traditional central light, an adjustable lamp can be pulled in all directions to illuminate different parts of the room depending on the task in hand.

Hanging Lighting


5. Plants and Greenery

When decorating your rented home, one of the pieces which are almost essential is the addition of plants and greenery in the different rooms of your home.

Consider adding plants to your home as pieces of art. Whether it's a bit of hanging eucalyptus plants, or it's your own variation of artwork made of hanging plants and flowers, there are endless ways to incorporate plants into your artwork. 

Plants & Greenery

If you have built-in shelves in your living room, bedroom or kitchen, don’t let the high shelves go to waste just because they are out of reach. Add some plants that drape down to add some green to your space.

Depending on the plants which are perfect to be an addition to your home, they are low-maintenance so you place them in the perfect spot and leave them - which is always a bonus!

Hanging Plants


6. Storage

When choosing the best places for storage in your bedroom, placing shelving near the ceiling in your room will improve your storage solution as there are more viable options to keep those items which you aren’t using as frequently.

The higher areas will put that space to work by using boxes on higher up shelving, which adds extra storage.

Ceiling Shelving