Customise Your Creative Space

Customising your creative space is important to improve your productivity and focus towards your work and daily tasks.

Organise your space

As a workplace is most productive when everything is in its designated place, organising your work station and the room is important to improve productivity. Whilst organising your space, you can use household items like trays to keep all belongings, regardless of the size, safe and organised. As with any room in your house, a regular decluttering and cleaning session will keep your work areas tidier for longer periods of time which also provides will have more time to focus on your work.

The best way to organise your space as well as helping the environment is to scan paperwork you don’t need a physical copy of, upload it to your storage platforms online and destroy the originals to be able to save as much space as possible!

Organised Desk Organised Desks

Secluded Area

When working in your home or office, choosing a secluded area will improve the focus on your work as well as removing any distractions that may have happened from outside sources. If you have a spare room or even summer house, you can shut the door and have peace and quiet—or even blasting loud music, if that’s what helps you progress your work further.

From loud music to a quiet corned off area, there are many ways to use creative spaces to improve your focus on your projects. If you work from home, making sure that your space which is cornered off and private is important to improve the amount your workload and your focus which will also make sure that you don’t get distracted.

Cornered Secluded Area


Natural lighting is the best source of light as it brightens up the room and will help improve your mood which also improves motivation to progress with your tasks. Whilst working on your tasks, your health should also be improving which is why you need natural lighting. But why? Natural lighting will provide you with more vitamin B which reduces the risk of heart disease, weight gain, and various cancers.

If you don’t have access to natural lighting, you can also use desk lighting and other lighting sources. If you are trying to keep up to date with technology, you can use smart lighting to control the brightness and colours of lighting. At night, if you change the temperatures to warmer colours it will help to sleep as it helps you release melatonin which will help you relax!



Regardless of the space that you are working within your home, there is a desk or work surface like compact writing desks which improves your comfortability when working on your work. As your office is a place where you need to relax and focus, getting a desk with these qualities is important to enjoy total comfort.