5 Tips for Creating Your Space While You're Homebound

If you’re homebound, creating your space to suit your need is important. Whether it be for relaxation or remote working, you need a space which is perfect for you!

Here are 5 tips for creating the perfect space while you’re homebound.



Whether it’s a temperate work space or if your company is now working fully remote, creating your workspace is really important.

When it comes to creating your workspace, it is important that you have multiple light sources around you, including lamps, especially if you’re working at night. 

Working from Home Laptop

Once you have created your workspace in your home, making sure that you have a clear desk policy is the best way to give yourself a productivity boost and it is a great way to minimise the inevitable distractions of working in your home.

Around your workspace, make sure that you have drawers where you can keep those loose pieces of work and extra materials which could become distracting whilst working on various projects.

Working from Home Window View with Plant


Clean Space

Whilst you’re homebound making sure your working or surrounding yourself in a clean space and environment, not only for your physical health but for your mental health as well. Having a clean home will help clear any distractions and help focus on your tasks.

Clean Home with Planter

As well, having a clean home will help increase your productivity, so ensuring that you have an organized room and knowing where your items are will make you far more efficient in your actions, regardless of the task.

When you have visual clutter around your home, it can lead to mental clutter, which isn’t good for anyone. You might think you’ve learned to live with your various piles, but they’re most likely affecting you more deeply than you realise subconsciously.

Clean Desk Space



Talking about mental health and productivity, adding plants around your home will help remove any carbon dioxide and help add oxygen into your home. Studies have shown “Plants could remove six years of carbon dioxide emissions -- if we protect them”. So, adding and protecting the plants around your home will overall benefit your physical, mental and psychological health.

Plants on Dining Room Table

When adding plants to your home, in planters and plant pots, they will release oxygen into the air and take up the carbon dioxide which is beneficial! 

When you have plants and flowers in your home, the air is naturally more beneficial for you, as it is cleaner than it would have been otherwise. Of course, more oxygen means your body works more effectively and efficiently.

Plants at Desk with Lighting



Boosting brightness with artificial light will enhance, rather than take over, any natural light coming into your home. This is beneficial because if there isn’t any natural lighting coming into your home from the outside, it will help with lighting the rooms and help continue focus on your tasks. 

If you install dimmer switches, for the lights in your home, they will allow you to have greater control over lighting the rooms, enabling you to gradually alter light levels as the natural light in your home adjusts at the different times in the day.

Home Lighting

From modern chandeliers, cordless LED lamps to lighted style accents, contemporary lighting is particularly creative and excitingly hi-tech. With the new contrasts of a revolutionary technology which is using smart homes to control all the devices, including the lighting in your home.

With smart lighting, you can become more creative, with the mixtures of designs of the lighting from LED strips to bulbs. You can also use an multitude of different colours, with patterns andd designs, to light up your home.

Smart Lighting



Around your home, whether it is your workspace or relaxation, adding a rug into your home can help introduce or contribute to relaxation and comfortability to each room in your house.

When adding rugs into your home, they help define each area in your home, with different patterns and designs. Defining areas in your home with rugs, is especially useful in studio apartments or larger rooms that need definition.


As well as sectioning your rooms or defining areas in your home, using your favourite rug as the basis of the colour scheme in a room, will help define the schemes of that room and your overall home. 

On the other hand, if you the rug after you have your furniture in place, you can use the rug to accent or tie in your existing colours and compliment the furniture which is in already integrated into your home.

Home Dining Room Rug