4 Tips to Create a Daily Routine
In the mornings, you need to create a routine to organise your day productively, but what are the best tips when creating your daily routine?
  1. Start the night before

Prepare everything the night before is the key to creating the best daily routine.  If you prepare your items like food, for example, will give you the time to prepare healthy foods rather than grabbing something that’s simply convenient and possibly unhealthy. Any preparation that you are able to do the night before will contribute to a more relaxing morning routine.

As well as packing your bags the night before, you could also create a to-do or tasks for the next day which includes any thoughts which you may have. When structuring the next day, it is important to figure out what needs to be done and where your focus is.

Preparing Food

  1. Waking up

When you wake up, in the morning, adding to the notes and to-do tasks which you created the previous night will add more clarification and any ideas or thoughts you may have to the day ahead. Going blindly into the days’ tasks can make you less efficient. In comparison, a well-organized to-do list can help you determine what’s most important, and what can be saved for later, less productive hours.

Waking on early or on time, especially when you are working or have important tasks to do, getting an alarm clock will help with waking up for these appointments and tasks or if you just want to wake up earlier!

Alarm Clock

  1. Food

In the morning, you need to get all the correct macronutrients and vitamins that are needed to fuel your body throughout the day. In the morning, having breakfast gives you a chance to get in some vitamins and nutrients from healthy foods like your fruit and vegetables which can be combined creatively for breakfast or morning snack. 

When having breakfast, you can also use this opportunity to experiment with new foods or spices. If you don’t eat food in the morning, you aren’t likely to get all of the macronutrients which your body needs. 

If you don’t have time to have breakfast or you forget because you have a lot of tasks to complete, you could have snack bars which will provide you with some nutrients which are needed but aren’t sufficient which means you should still eat at the soonest possible moment.


  1. Exercise

Exercising in the morning increases blood flow, releases endorphins, and strengthens your body which will get you ready for your day which also creates a routine for your morning and the rest of your day. 

When you doing exercise in the mornings to get energised, you don’t have to do a full gym workout, you can just go for a quick walk or run to gain all the benefits - which is a bonus!

If you exercise in the mornings, it will also help with sleeping as it promotes better habits for sleep. Previous studies have shown that if you sleep in the morning it will help get a more deep, longer sleep compared with exercising towards the end of the day as it released endorphins which makes it harder to sleep.