Cosy Colour Schemes

This autumn, as nights get longer and the warm days slowly leave us, your home should be a cosy escape from the cold autumnal weather. A home can become a lot warmer just by following a colour scheme.

When I think of autumn, the colours I think of automatically go to orange, brown and black (mainly because I associate Halloween with autumn). Although an orange and brown colour scheme may not sound appealing, having the right shades of orange and brown can give off a lovely old farm house vibe, with a fire lit and dim mood lighting you have the perfect cosy room. However, with the current trend being bright and bold interiors, this may not be a fave for everyone. Colour schemes are all down to individual tastes. At AO, the living room and bedroom furniture are unique and eye catching pieces. They would fit into a home that is in need of a bold piece to spice up the room perfectly.

Keeping a room bright and bold can create a cosy vibe right off the bat. My personal, current favourite colour palette is white, dove grey and yellow. Minimalism is key. Having white walls/floors will help light to reflect off each surface and give you the desired bright room effect without even trying. Dove grey furniture adds a bit more dimension to the room, makes it a lot more interesting as if there is more to look at without the room being cluttered. And the pop of colour, yellow. A pop of colour is always beneficial for a dull room, although the room is bright in the sense of white walls and light grey furniture, without any colour the room just looks boring. Not to mention grey and yellow look amazing together. AO is currently stocking two beautiful yellow and grey velvet cushions that would be perfect for this colour scheme.

Keeping your colour scheme simple is the safest way to make sure your home will look amazing, choosing two neutrals and a pop of colour is a safe bet and pretty hard to be made to look bad.

Once you have chosen your colour scheme, you can decide from there how you will style your furniture and soft furnishings. The lightest neutral should probably be the wall colour, second neutral should be the furniture and the pop of colour – or even pattern – should be your soft furnishings like cushions or throws. You could even introduce the pop of colour through ornaments and decorations.

AO Home has an amazing range of brightly coloured cushions that you could throw on a sofa or bed and instantly brighten up the room.

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