Compact Living

Compact living is something a lot of us will experience at some point in our lifetime. Whether it be a small home or a small room, we could all use a helping hand to make the most out of a small space.

Its easy to spend less time decorating a smaller room that would usually be ignored and unused – but this is where most people make their first mistake! Utilising a small space can take a tiny home or room from a seemingly useless space, to the most useful space you’ve ever come across!

Here are some great space-saving ideas for your compact-living-situation!

L-shape Sofa

You can avoid your space looking like a corridor by creating a cosy corner with an L-shaped sofa. This takes away from the length of the room as well as adding plenty of seating.

L-Shaped Sofa


Make a short room appear longer with a vertically-striped rug. You can really extend the appearance of a room with a rug, as well as adding texture and warmth. 


credit: decoraid

Multi-Functional Furniture

When it comes to living small, you have to think big. When purchasing furniture, think of all the uses for it. If it only has one use, it’s probably not worth purchasing. Try an ottoman bed to double up as storage, or a sofa bed to save plenty of space. A coffee table that doubles up as extra storage is always handy, or even try a desk that allows you to work from your bed.

Tip: work from your bath with our Wooden Bath Rack – perfect for a candle, your shampoo or your laptop!

Multi-functional Furniture

Storage stool

Shoe storage can be tricky to fit into a small home. A storage stool is a great way to display your most-worn shoes neatly, as well as doubling up as a stool for you to slip your shoes on and off.

Storage Stool

Credit: One Way Furniture


Mirrors work wonders for making spaces look much larger than they actually are. They reflect light to amplify your sense of space, plus they’re obviously great for topping up your lippy or checking your outfit while walking through your home.

Tip: place our Victoria Cheval Wall Mirror opposite a window to give the illusion of a much bigger, brighter area.



Scented candles add a beautiful ambience to your home. Offering a warming glow and a beautiful scent, your place will smell lovely and feel like home to any guest who walks through the door.

Tip: try our Natural Essential Oil Candle for a Vegan-friendly, gorgeous-smelling addition to your home.