How to Add Colour Psychology To Your Home?

Colour psychology is a powerful interior design tool that impacts the mood of any room in your home.

Whether you’re looking to add a splash of colour or redesign and decorate your home with new colours, thinking about the colour psychology might improve your mood, here’s how.


What is colour psychology? 

When it comes to colour psychology it is be defined by Wikipedia as “Color psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behaviour. Colour influences perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food. Colours have qualities that can cause certain emotions in people. Colours can also enhance the effectiveness of placebos”.

As a general rule, warmer colours such as red, orange and yellow evoke feelings of optimism and happiness which enhance the warm feelings.

Warmer colours are also associated with stimulation, which is important to keep in mind which helps when adding these colours to your home. This is because it can improve your positive emotional and psychological effects.

However, when integrating warmer colours into your home, it can be known to activate some anxiety receptors. Making use these colours are used in sporadic placements such as placements of cushions in your home to be able to avoid any negative connotations with the colours.

Range of coloured accessories


How are colours important for interior design?

When choosing the colours to decorate inside your home, it is extremely important to factorise in the methodologies of colour psychology. From the extra accessories to painting your whole home, the psychology of the colours within your home can benefit your mind.

When understanding the importance of different colours for interior design, they can make or break a room. Whether it be to create an energized or upbeat atmosphere or quiet and relaxing surroundings, the colours can enhance the different feelings in each room.

Neutral Room Colour Psychology


How do different colours change our psychology?

Depending on the different colours, the psychology and atmosphere can change, here’s how: 

  • Blue - When choosing shades of blue for your home, this can create a calming and cool atmosphere in your home. With the different shades of blue, this can be added well into the bedroom and places of relaxation.

Colour Blue Home Accessories

  • Red - From the furniture to the accessories, when choosing to add red to your home, it becomes the colour of confidence, excitement and energy. Red is the most psychologically stimulating out of all the colours and can enhance the energy in each room.

Red Interiors

  • Green - Calm and relaxing, the green colour. The colour green is described as joyful, harmonious and includes the ability to energise any room. Those who like green are said to believe in balance, stability and persistence. Bring energy to your room by painting it one of the multiple shades of green.  When adding green into your home, one of the many ways is by including plants, flowers and other greenery into your home which also include health benefits - which is always a bonus.

Green Interior With Homeplants

  • Yellow - When adding yellow into your home it can express the emotion of happiness and having an upbeat atmosphere in your home. Yellow represents happiness, optimism, inspiration and includes the connotations of summer and the warmer seasons. Those who like yellow are attracted to what's new and modern, which is always a benefit when adding the new additions into your home.


  • Orange - Orange is considered wholesome and fruitful. It demands attention while symbolizing balance, warmth, vibrancy and enthusiasm. Those who like orange are friendly and get along with everyone. Orange stimulates appetite and can add spice to a dining area as well as the other spaces which you gather communally. 

Orange Interiors Painting

  • The Neutral Colours – When decorating your home, using neutral shades such as black, grey, white and brown are vital to the interior designer’s palette. Their virtue lies in their flexibility – add colour to liven things up and remove it for a subtler aesthetic.

Neutral Interior Colours Design for Unique Furniture