2020 Christmas Gift Guide

This Christmas spread some festive cheers with this gift guide with some special presents for your friends and family.

As Christmas gets closer and closer, but you're not sure what to buy those special people, we have the solution for you with this Christmas gift guide.



Whether you or someone you know is moving into a new home, you have friends and family you really want to treat this Christmas, or want to surprise a friend with new gifts for their home, getting a friend or family member a piece of new furniture is the best gift to give this Christmas.


Office Space

Especially at the moment, with continuous lockdowns, working from home is an important factor which we need to keep in mind. Gifting yourself, a friend or family member a new desk, is an important piece of furniture is bound to get a lot of use this year and going into 2021.

With the new initiatives coming into play surrounding saving the planet, the importance of reusing materials, which is why purchasing reclaimed furniture is a huge benefit, not only to the planet but for the perfect addition to the styling of your home.

Reclaimed Stool


Bedroom Furniture

Whether you want to relax or enjoy some quiet time in front of the TV, your bedroom is one of the important places in your home which is close to your heart.

With amazing style qualities and the use factor, adding a blanket box to your bedroom not only adds extra style and look amazing but its made from Reclaimed Pine so it also feels amazing to know your furniture is helping the environment!

Blanket Box

As well as the blanket box, storage is another integral part of your bedroom. If you are struggling to fit everything into your bedroom or the lack of storage will increasingly be frustrating, so why not explore the countless options for storage and treat yourself this Christmas?

As well as storage, the essentials in your home such as a wardrobe are perfect, especially if you’re a new homeowner and want to gift yourself or a friend to the transformation of the bedroom into a French country haven. Fitting seamlessly into any bedroom no matter what size, you can help save the planet and the environment with reclaimed furniture and wardrobes.

Cotswold Double Wardrobe - Christmas Gift



Christmas Decorations 

When it comes around to Christmas season each year, one of the occasions which are enjoyable for all is the moment of decorating your home with a multitude of designs of decorations.

One of the best momentous occasions, especially when celebrating with friends and family is putting up the Christmas tree. When choosing your decorative tree, choosing a quirky handmade tree will give a unique twist to your traditional Christmas decor.

Driftwood Christmas Tree

As well as the Christmas tree, putting up hanging decorations can help improve the unique Christmassy design in your home. With these Christmas hanging decorations,  you can add extra festivities to your home at this seasonal time.

When decorating your home, add some festive sparkle to your home with our Christmas Hanging Decorations. The translucent material lets light shine through while the glitter and sequins create a mirrorball effect.

Christmas Decoration


Home Decor and Furnishings

Whether you’re decorating for Christmas or throughout the year, choosing decor and furnishings for your home is essential for the creating the perfect themed home for you!

A beautiful decorative glass bottle, great as a feature upon dining room sideboard or even the mantelpiece. Upon your sideboard, you can place a decorative piece which shines up your home, with a simple, but effective piece. 

Creative Christmas Bottles

When in your home on Christmas day with friends and family, adding candles and tealights increase the comfortability to your home. As well as comfortability, there are studies which have shown that candles can improve help reduce anxiety. 

So, when choosing to have a tealight in your home, especially during Christmas, why have custom personalisation? With the additional customisation and personalisation, choosing to have a personalised wooden tealight holder becomes the best home decor piece to give this Christmas.

Personalised Wooden Tealight Holder - Christmas Gift

Providing an outstanding natural smell, adding large, handmade, all-natural organic candle which is infused with essential oils will include this stunning candle which is hand-poured using vegan, additive-free natural plant wax - which is a huge bonus!

As the products can be personalised with a witty personalised message, this is the perfect gift for Christmas. Especially with the additional customisation, the messages are unique for your friends and family.

Christmas Candle