Christmas Colour Schemes

At Christmas, there are different Christmas colour schemes but which is the best colour scheme for you to decorate your home? 

Gold Details

If your room is neutral, you can finish with a gold lamp or gold-detailed side table will add polish without introducing a colour contrast as well as being more subtle. If you try adding hints of gold detailings like Christmas hanging decorations will add more festivity, especially around the time of Christmas.

When using these gold hanging decorations, if you add some festive sparkle to your home with our Christmas Hanging Decorations it will create more design to your home. The translucent material lets the light shine through while the glitter and sequins create a mirrorball effect.

Gold Decorations


At Christmas, you can use the traditional colours of red and green to make this season more festive. When feeling festive, hanging a garland made with pine and with red berries for a fully festive feeling. When eating your Christmas dinner, having red and green table decorations will create a classic Christmas look in this dining room.

As well as going with the traditional colours of the season, you can use festive, personalised stocking holder to secure your stocking. When the time comes, this is a great way to hang up the family stockings on your mantelpiece ready to be opened on Christmas.


Shades of Blue

From main pieces to small ornaments, there are many ways that you add to decorate your home with shades of blue at the festive times.

Adding light of blue to your home, it will add warmth and some richness to your home, especially around the festive time of Christmas season. When adding blue in your home, it can be a fast adopting a place in our festivities.

On your tree, you can add blue ornaments and decorations to add more design and style to your home as well as increasing the warmth in your home. When using lighter shades of decorations, it will help to brighten up the surrounding areas of your home.

Blue Christmas

Copper Tones

Mainly for additional decorative pieces, adding copper tones to your home will finish the decorative pieces perfect for your Christmas colour scheme. 

When it comes to your copper-toned Christmas colour scheme, adding burnished bronze and aged brass tones will introduce a more sophisticated tone, to the glam look an elegant edge. Warming tones of bronze paired accessories will become perfect with current on-trend mustards and rusted shades.

The copper tones can be used individual decorations such as baubles as well as tinsels, which may be used on your Christmas tree as the main piece.

Copper Christmas Scheme Decorations