Creating Child-Friendly Spaces

Want a home where you and your kids can be together without giving up on the style and décor you worked so hard to perfect? We found some great ways to create child-friendly spaces without sacrificing your style…

On/Off play zones

In a stylish home, you should try to blend your children’s toys and play areas into your furniture and décor. With on/off play zones, your children’s favourite place to play could be blended so well that it looks like a cupboard or a drawer, but open that cupboard up and you could find a dolls house or a race course, or whatever your imagination allows.

When playtime is over, close the doors, shut the drawer and you’ll be back to your stylish haven in no time!

On / Off Play Zones

image credit: IKEA

Toy boxes

Toy boxes are a fun way to keep your children’s toys all in one place, but can also teach them some responsibility with tidying their belongings away. If they have one place for everything, it’s much easier for them to put away what they’ve taken out.

You can move toy boxes around the house to suit you, and your children probably won’t be strong enough to move it, which stops those cheeky monkeys from dumping their toys in a room they aren’t supposed to be playing in!

Toy Boxes

Play copycat

Roleplay is great for developing your kid’s social skills. As well as being a role model for your children, your children enjoy imitating grown-ups – so play into this!

Find mini versions of your favourite furniture, I have a mini version of my 1 seater sofa in the living room with a stool as a mini side table and mini mugs for when I’m sat having a cuppa watching TV and my little girl wants to join… because what child doesn’t want to feel older, sipping a cup of tea with their mum in matching furniture?

Play Copycat

Secret storage

Use a smart storage footstool or a trunk coffee table to hide toys and crafting bits and bobs inside… Easy to manage, easy to put away and no sacrifice to your style! Bonus!

Sideboards are a brilliant and practical storage solution. Dedicate a drawer or cupboard to your children and use the rest for your own belongings to keep your home clutter-free.

My sideboard has saved my life; I love the Mazi 4 Door Sideboard! I decided to split it in half, 2 doors for me and my husband and 2 for our little one. We keep it at the back of the living room, so we decided to store her drawing and crafting stuff in there with a few of her toys to keep her entertained while we’re chilling out.

(Tip: keep a big board somewhere nearby so if your children decide to go crazy with crafts, the mess ends up on the board rather than your precious floor!)

Secret Storage

Rounded Furniture

You could have all the space in the world, but your child would still manage to find a corner to bump into. You can’t stop the inevitable, but you can alleviate the damage to your children’s heads by choosing rounded furniture rather than sharp edges.

You can find some really beautiful pieces that will allow your child to be wild and let you live worry-free.

Whitby Brass and Marble Coffee Table

Carpet Tiles

Children + carpet = disaster. If you desperately want carpet, you should consider carpet tiles! You can find some beautiful carpet tiles that can be much cheaper than regular carpet. They’re great when your children have an accident – you can easily remove the tile and get it cleaned at the dry cleaners. Even better, if the stain doesn’t come out, you only have to replace that one square rather than the whole carpet!

Carpet Tiles

Semi-gloss paint

Top Tip! Crayon and chalk wash off walls painted with semi-gloss paint really easily! You can let your kids loose with their crayons and not worry about stains and unwanted drawings on the walls, just get some soapy water and scrub away – or rub away pencil marks with rubbers!