As ceramics come in different colours, shapes, sizes and materials they can help design inside your home. The ceramics available range from planters to measuring cups which provide a helping hand in everything from baking to interior design.

Ceramics in the home

When decorating the interior of your home, you can use different ceramics depending on the space and look you’re trying to achieve. Place ceramic vases inside and fill them with an exotic, low maintenance plant, and you’ve brought the outside in!

Cream Ceramic Vase

When adding flowers and plants to the interior of your home, why not try this handmade ceramic planter to help a soft placement of colour. You could also place this planter outdoors so as well as adding patterns, with certain plants and trees in these planters, you can also help the environment by reducing pollution.

PlanterGreen Planter

In the kitchen, measuring cups will always come in handy whatever you’re cooking. These measuring cups are a great addition to any kitchen, especially for any budding baker! The measuring cups make measuring out those all important ingredients easy and most importantly fun. These ceramic measuring cups won’t break easily which helps to prevent accidents.

Whilst in the kitchen, get yourself a drink in one of these ceramic mugs. With the mottled effect and hand finishes on the handmade mugs, each one is separately unique and handmade, so no 2 are the same- making them a perfect addition to your kitchen.


If you are looking for a product to help you relax and create a zen-like atmosphere, why not use these buddha candle holder with different scented tealights to be placed around your house? The candles and tealight holders will help add zen into your home and help you progress into relaxation whilst adding different cultures from the far east.

Buddha Candle Holder