Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folds have been used in homes with wooden panels as room dividers or closet doors, but have you ever considered full glass panels, opening out to your garden? Bi-folding doors open your home to the great outdoors and add tonnes of light. Across the board, bi-folds create an airy, open space and a more convenient way to access the garden outside. 

Bi-folding Doors AO Home


Durability. Bi-folds are available in a variety of durable materials such as wood, aluminium, steel and glass. Homeowners usually opt for aluminium or steel framing because these materials can withstand the harsh weather, while also being secure and attractive. 

Modern Designs. Thanks to the increase of bi-folding door supply and demand needs, companies have now expanded their range of designs, giving you loads more options that will give your home a unique touch. Imagine waking up, making your morning coffee and enjoying the sight of your stunning garden all from inside your home… Bliss.

Bi-folding Doors AO Home

Security. Bi-folding doors make it almost impossible for a thief to break in due to their multi-point locking system and inline tracking system. A thief would have to remove the actual tracks themselves in order to the door. You can even increase the security by adding twin point, drop bolts, childproof locks, and keyed locks! So worry not – you won’t be compromising your safety!

Corner Bi-Folds

Corner bi-folding doors add a spectacular touch to any home, especially when they open out onto a beautiful garden and patio. These doors add extra visual interest, letting you open two sides of your home, extend it to the outdoors and allowing you to bring it back in at any time you want. The beauty of this is that it will literally take you 2 minutes!

Bi-folding Doors AO Home


So, you’ve considered the benefits and the design – now for the last detail: cost.

By no means are bi-folding doors a cheap addition to your home, but they’re an outstanding one, for sure! An investment that would only improve your home and your home experience.