The Crème De La Crème of Halloween Sites 2018

In desperate need of some Halloween inspiration? Whether you’re in need of a costume, decorating, food or drinks ideas, or just frantic to get into the festive spirit; you need these sites in your life!

Halloween Reddit Thread

This thread has everything you need for Halloween! Costume inspo, house displays, frightening foods and so much more…

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Neatorama Halloween

The costumes on this blog really blew me away! Halloween is all about dressing up, but one thing that gets me and most people, I imagine, is how hard it is to put together a creative costume… A devil? An animal? A little black dress and splatter some fake blood on yourself? It’s all been done before and will continue to be done by hundreds of unprepared people year after year.

So, if you don’t want to be basic this year, this is definitely the site for you!

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Happy Halloween Day

Plenty of content here, supplying you with alternative things to do on the big night, fun snacks, pumpkin carving, even a party playlist!

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Mystic Investigations Blog

Feel the spooky vibe of Halloween with these spine-tingling stories!

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Pumpkinrot Blog

Showcasing some creative festive décor.  

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Fuck Yeah Halloween Tumblr

If you’re a more visual person, this Tumblr account is great! Autumn, pumpkins, ghosts… Everything to excite a Halloween enthusiast!

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