Best EU destinations for Interior Inspiration

Destination inspired interiors look chic and make you feel like you’re always on vacay. Across the EU, the different interior styles vary from Greek to German or French to Scandinavian, but they all blend so well together.

So it doesn’t matter if you can’t decide between the Mediterranean or French-style homeware – you can mix and match your favourite holiday destinations to create a chic space to live in!

Greek Interior


Who doesn’t love the look of the white and blue contrast in Mykonos or Santorini? The sun beaming down on the buildings is a sight you’ll never forget. The holiday feeling in Greece is so strong that you feel it through a simple scenery picture… why wouldn’t you want to bring that feeling into your home?

The key is to focus on a blue and white colour scheme and plenty of patterns! Whether it’s stripes, floral patterns or polka dots, they all look so Greek-esque together that they look great without even trying! Go the extra mile and decorate with the key pattern, thought to have been drawn from Greek mythology as a physical representation of the labyrinth that imprisoned the Minotaur.

German Interior

German manufacturing has always been known for efficiency, sleek design and attention to detail, whether it is for their cars or their cuisine. But, German interior design is something the great country isn’t really known for, for many years German design was industrial with very little in the way of luxury. However, more recently this notion has been turned on its head – German interior designers are creating more luxurious and decadent designs.

There is still an industrial vibe with German interior design, but it’s all a little more refined, a little more comfortable and a little more practical. We’ve got a great collection of industrial themed furniture for you to add to your home.

Swedish Interior


Have a peek at our blog on all things Hygge - a brilliant way to bring a little Scandinavian cosiness into your home.

Parisian Interiors


Parisian and French décor is all about effortless chic! Mixing up old with new to create eclectic and unusual spaces – think distressed woods, white walls and bold yet timeless prints. Using a smattering amount of deep colours looks both elegant and chic against stark white walls. Bring it together with rich heavy fabrics like velvet as cushions or a blanket over the sofa or bed. Number one rule for French interiors – don’t try too hard.