Bathroom Trends

Whether you want to redecorate your bathroom, looking for different ways to organise and declutter or just wanting to accessorise. These are some of the top bathroom trends to improve the look of your bathroom in 2019. 

Adding more control by making your bathroom smarter

As technology has improved over the last few years, why not add some to your bathroom? An example of this bathroom trend is your being able to adjust your shower temperature to suit each family member’s preference. Using different elements of technology in your bathroom will not only help you relax but help you gain more control over your bathroom. You can even adjust the lighting brightness and colours, for example, the lighting you use in the shower in the morning might be different brighter than the lighting you use when relaxing at night.

Bathroom Lighting

 Adding greenery to your bathroom

A trend that is increasing in popularity, is adding a bit of greenery to your bathroom. It is often in the form of potted plants and small trees. This trend works extremely well with lighter colour schemes that are mainly incorporate glossy finishes. Even though, artificial plants are good options, adding real plants and small trees to your bathroom give a more luxurious feel. A micro-trend, which integrates this trend is adding plants into baskets and placing them in different locations around your bathroom.

Bathroom Greenery

Decorating with wallpaper

As a bathroom trend, decorating with wallpaper keeps fluctuating in popularity but for 2019 the trend is becoming popular and is getting dialled up a notch with different bold patterns.

Previously, you had to keep your wallpaper away from to water, as you don’t want the steam and humidity to cause your paper to fall down. This doesn’t have to be a worry anymore as there are new materials and printing techniques to keep your wallpaper safe! A benefit of new printing techniques and materials is that you can now add your wallpaper to different surfaces including your bathroom.

Colourful WallpaperBathroom Wallpaper

Darken your bathroom

As a trend in 2019, which has come from nowhere is darkening your bathroom. It is easily adaptable and updatable which helps you keep refreshing the looks of your bathroom. In the year 2019, darkening your bathroom is becoming a huge trend. It is obviously not for everyone and there is a possibility that it may make your bathroom look smaller but it will make your bathroom look better and guaranteed to impress. The best way to implement this trend by using dark colours in the bathroom is by using darker shades in small amounts.