Autumn/Winter 2018 Home Trends

Trends evolve around you and they evolve with you – there’s no escaping them. Everything that is designed is predetermined by a wider trend influence, in the home, fashion, food, colours… everything!

While trends evolve and change regularly, they do so at different paces – for example, some trends last consecutive seasons (gold details and marble décor spring to mind), while others last only for one season (like the 1970 trend of Avocado bathrooms).

Here are a few key trends to look out for in the coming months!


This trend includes a number of different elements to create a beautiful and simple look with emphasis placed on the furniture. Tie the room together with accessories, try a throw or a few little ornaments to compliment the room without becoming the centre of attention – just pulling the room together nicely.

We love creams, subtle golds and warm browns.

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Tactile Kitchens

Kitchens are undergoing a change. It’s no longer all about one style of sleek units, a sleek worktop and a complementary splashback… oh no. This new and exciting trend is all about mixing up different textures, trying new things, and adding contrasting colours and textures! We love the exposed brickwork mixed with bare wood and glossy cabinets shown below – but if you described all these textures together in the same room to me a few months ago, I would have gagged… but surprisingly, the trend grew on me, and now I’m trying to figure out ways to incorporate the trend into my own kitchen.

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Yes, gold has been a trend for several seasons now… but, there’s a reason. And, that reason is: it looks amazing all the time! Take a different approach to the gold trend, we’ve all seen the details, the lamps, the cutlery, the door handles, the list goes on. Get creative this winter! Maybe opt for a gold carpet? Definitely push on people’s comfort zones, including my own, but styled right, it can look surprisingly pretty damn good!

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Jet Black

Fans of black and white monochrome will love this trend. It’s all about accessorising, many usually go for a gold or silver accent, but why not try black instead?! This is a perfect trend for those of you who love black, but know complete black would be a tad too much!

Make it work by using small blocks or items of black – an accent here and there.

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True Blue

The colour of the season is navy, for sure. Gentle on the eye and easy to pair with other neutrals – this trend is a winner. Navy also contrasts beautifully with gold, meaning you can be über trendy by mixing the two colours. Navy with gold details? Yes, please!

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All The Pinks

Monochromatic looks are definitely a trend in fashion at the moment, but a lot of people won’t have considered it a home trend… until now! Old fashioned pinks are easy-on-the-eye and are easy to bring into the home. With pink being one of my favourite colours, I may be biased by mentioning this trend – but you cannot deny how great it looks and makes you feel! The trend may be nicer to admire from afar than actually having a Barbie room in your own home… but I’m still obsessed with it and think it deserves to be shared.

(image credits: work of Carolina Mizrahi)

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Out with the Scandi, In with the Nordic

An understated look that makes an impact. The New Nordic trend is a modern take on the Scandi look – a look that has proven to be beautiful time and time again. Layering up different textures gives the look of depth to your room, and creates an inviting space to hide from the darkness of winter.

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