The Complete Guide to Avoiding the World Cup

Russia 2018 is well underway and many people across the world will be tuning in to support their national team as they play for glory. But, for many the next 4 weeks brings nothing but misery and frustration. 

With 64 matches played between 32 teams, plenty of us will be looking to seek refuge from all the madness somewhere and somewhere quick! And while a month-long holiday on a deserted island sounds like utter bliss – this isn’t exactly achievable for the majority of us. So, I’ve devised a plan to help the mere few us (as it seems) retain our sanity during these next few weeks.

1. Picnics

Leave the manic and hysteria behind and enjoy a TV and tech-free picnic in a beautiful national park or even amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. Pack some delicious treats, call on some friends and set on a day to enjoy.

AO Home Avoiding the World Cup

2. P.Y.O Strawberries

Why not spend the morning picking your own strawberries with 100s of sites all over the UK to pick from (pun intended…), this avoiding tactic can keep you busy for hours. And why not make your picnic even better by taking your freshly picked strawberries, or strawberry based treats.

AO Home Avoiding the World Cup

3. Boxsets

Living the era of Netflix (and chill) why not take this opportunity to discover that box set you’ve been waiting to start? With so many options available from the many streaming apps out there, you’re bound to find something to keep you entertained.

AO Home Avoiding the World Cup

4. Weekend away

Ok, so you might not be able to hibernate on undiscovered land for a full month, but you can most definitely get a weekend away. This doesn’t have to be somewhere exotic, far or expensive. We have some of the best weekend getaway destinations right on our doorstep, Devon, Edinburgh and even the Cotswolds – we sometimes forget we’re a country rich in cultural history and it's worth exploring.

AO Home Avoiding the World Cup

5. Hobby

Have you been meaning to lend your hand at needlework or restart that lost passion for painting, well now is the perfect opportunity to get started. Take a visit to your local Arts and Crafts shop; there are some amazing projects to be found. The possibilities are endless, discover the love for fishing or take up the art of baking.

6. Visit the Seaside

Being an island, we are never too far from a proper seaside, Brighton, Whitby, Bournemouth or St Ives (you might even meet the man with seven wives). Enjoy the day at these famous seaside resorts, especially since we’re set to have a beautiful summer. You can even participate in the coastal cleaning events and make these great destinations even better. Plus, you can’t beat seaside fish and chips.

AO Home Avoiding the World Cup

7. Watch another Sport

We have a summer full of sport, so football isn’t the only option. Wimbledon starts on the 2nd July, Formula 1 begins on 8th July and for the cricket fans, England v India test series at Edgbaston is 1-5th August. With all of these happening in the UK, why not see if you can bag yourself some tickets!

AO Home Avoiding the World Cup

8. Enjoy your Garden

Sometimes we tend to overlook what we already have – literally our own back gardens. Take some time to give your garden some TLC, take a visit to your local garden centre and pick up some bits to spruce up your flower beds, or even check out our garden sections for swings, garden benches and beautiful ornaments (gnomes, stand aside!).

9. Learn a Vocation

Why not take on an online course to learn a new skill or a completely new vocation. If you’ve fancied that new job, now is the perfect time to gain a qualification to help you along the way.

AO Home Avoiding the World Cup

10. Culture

As I mentioned before, we are a nation steep in cultural history, so take some time out and visit some of the many historical and museums we have. The British Museum is an enjoyable day for all the family and is the most visited attraction in the country. Did you know most national attractions have free admission? What more reason do you need?

Whatever you decide to do…have fun!!