The Art of the Bar Cart

Ah, the bar cart. The one piece of furniture that defines who you are as a person because let’s face it... if you have a bar cart you’re either living lavishly in your party pad or a huge socialite – or both!

But the bar cart is becoming much more of a necessity than a social-hierarchy-defining piece of furniture. Bar carts ooze fun and luxury, but only if it’s been well stocked and styled. Essentially, a bar cart is just an extra workspace where you can whip up a quick cocktail should the opportunity arise, but a little style on your workspace never hurt… and will be even more appealing to the eye!

So, whether you’re a maximalist or a minimalist, you can definitely pick something up from today’s tips and tricks to understand the art of the bar cart!

The great thing about a bar cart is most of the elements that make yours truly yours are the same for everyone – just different styles! So you may not love the style’s you see today, but you can swap and change each element for something more ‘you’ while keeping the essence.

Pretty glassware

I often find that alcohol now comes in a gorgeous looking bottles, and with my eye for aesthetics always being wide open, I’m drawn to the eccentric bottles – the ones that stand out and scream originality. And yes, I will most likely make the purchase… even if I don’t like what’s actually inside.

But, what I also find, is it’s these bottles that also catch the eyes of my guests! Adding a few eccentric bottles along with your all-time-favourite-gin-bottles will take your display up a level!

Interesting glasses are another item I find hard to resist. You can find glasses in literally every homeware store, meaning there are hundreds of designs out there. You can have the standard clear glass… but where’s the fun in that? Shop around! Unique glasses are essential for any stylish bar cart.

Art of the Bar Cart | AO Home


Cocktail Shakers

Cocktail shakers are the ultimate bar cart accessory. Find one that speaks to your style and display it with pride! Like we mentioned earlier, you never know when you’re going to need to whip up a cocktail, so you may as well always be prepared with all the utensils – while also keeping the cart stylish at the same time.

I find the best cocktail shakers online, or in cool shops like Urban Outfitters where you can find full cocktail making kits, but your best bet to finding a wide variety would be Amazon – there are some really unique shakers there!

Art of the Bar Cart | AO Home

Quirky Ornaments/Live Attractions

You should always add something pretty and quirky to your bar cart to show off your personality and make the whole thing a lot more ‘you’. Adding something you wouldn’t expect to find on the conventional bar cart can be a great talking point as well – choose something that will catch the eye of your guests or even just a lovely plant to go on top will pull the whole cart together.

If you’re more of a minimalist but still want a little quirky piece on your cart, try a unique coaster set, or a decorative bottle that blends in with the rest of your alcohol.

Art of the Bar Cart | AO Home

Ice Bucket

As well as just being a general essential for your bar cart when hosting an event, your ice bucket can go perfectly with the style and aesthetic of your cart, making it a practical accessory! Who doesn’t love a practical accessory? You can even match your ice bucket with your cocktail shaker or with the cart itself.

Art of the Bar Cart | AO Home

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