The Anti-Black Friday Blog

AO Home is committed to providing great products and even greater service! We are proud to bring you creative and unusual products from start-ups and smaller businesses – most of which are making a small profit from their passion!

By being a great platform for small independent brands – we won’t be having a Black Friday sale.

You’ve probably seen the memes and images on Social Media

The Anti-Black Friday Blog | AO Home 

Yes…very American – but we stole Black Friday from our friends over the pond too!

Don’t get us wrong, we love a bargain more than the next bargain hunter. But in an era of low wage growth, high inflation and expensive living costs are some of these sales really worth it?

Year on year bigger brands and companies are taking a step back from Black Friday – even Asda! Remember the TV debacle of 2015?

The Anti-Black Friday Blog | AO Home

Getting ready for Christmas is fine, getting a cheap deal on presents is even better, but come boxing day and mid-January most of what we bought on Black Friday is reduced even more! And with larger retailers offering a price-matching service year-round, with a little research you could probably get a better offer in August!

At AO Home, we adore our start-up businesses that stem from a passion, a skill and are lovingly handmade. Most items on our site are also made from upcycled and recycled items – making them environmentally friendly too! So when you buy from AO Home, you really are making a difference.

Remember, there are other ways to get into the Christmas spirit – we recommend carolling and mulled wine!