Alternatives to Art and Pictures

If you are looking to design your home but don’t want to keep reusing art and pictures, then we have the best solution for you! From hats, shelves or lighting in your home, there are many styles to innovate your home.


If you are looking for a new way to spruce up your walls and your home, use hats to accessorise. You can turn your collection of different hats into wall art - everything is like a new way to create art in their home! As well as placing your hats on the wall, you can also add coat hooks with a hat shelf.

Using hats as the interior design will also help improve space in your home as you don’t have to place your hats into storage. If you create and use accessories as art pieces, they can be used to create a relaxing space in your home, which everyone is looking for.

Hats as Wall Art

Shelves and Bookcases

If you are looking for a place to keep your keys and multiple ornaments, shelves are one of the best alternatives to keep your belongings. Shelves are perfect for hanging coats and being organised - which also makes sure you don't lose your keys.

When using bookcases in a smaller room in your home, you can make the room cosier especially when placing bookcases in the background of furniture and placing them against the walls around your home. As well as using bookshelves for design, you can also use them to store and place your collection of books.

Bookcase on a Stand


There are lots of different ways to adapt and integrate lighting into your home and there is a selection of ways lightning can be helpful. From candles to lanterns, there are many different ways to brighten up your home. If you enjoy reading and want to express this in the form of lighting, why not place these smart book lights around your home?

Lighting can be a trail and a guide throughout your home, it can also be especially advantageous when walking around your abode at night. Adding lights above an island creates an inviting presence and comfortability in your home, which also creates a conversation when with family and friends.

Book lights