All-Year Colour Palettes

Are you tired of changing your outfits and colour schemes for your home based on the different events and seasons, we have a solution for you with these colour palettes which are available to be in style all year round.

Autumn Inspired

Even though these colours and designs are inspired by Autumn, they can be presented all year round and you won’t be over your clothing or designs in these colours when the season is over. You can also decorate your home with Autumn inspired cushions and pillows.

There are different colours which are influenced by Autumn or the colder seasons but the peach colour, in particular, can be used in the warmer seasons especially Summer. Majority of the colour palettes which you would wear in the warmer seasons, are still in fashion and valid to wear in the colder seasons which means you can wear them all year round.

Autumn Inspired Colours


Over the last year, the floral and leaf patterns have been growing in popularity but in 2019 the colour green is popping up more like the perfect colour all year round. Putting floral cushions in your home is perfect for incorporating an array of colour and comfortability to your home.

As designers are always coming up with new ways to incorporate the floral patterns into your homes, they are a great design to have in your home all year round - you don’t want to keep changing your interior designs every season.

Floral Cushion

Red, Pink and Orange

From subtle sections to solid colours, the shades of red, pink and orange can be used in an array of different designs from house interior to  You can use these colours in house interior and the palette of colours which is perfect for the whole year-round.

You can use these colours in your home and interior design as it will brighten up a room regardless of the weather and season in the year -  you can use these colours when decorating your home. As well as brightness, these colours will match with other interior pieces in your home in addition to other shades of colours.

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