Decorating Your Home For Halloween

Everyone's favourite holiday is back. After a year off, Halloween is back. Dust the cobwebs off your costumes and blow the dust off your decorations. Get ready for a night of frights and treats.

If you want your home to be the most entertaining this year, here are some tips for how to deck out your house for a spooky evening:


Make Use of What You Have

Natural is the new rustic! Decorating with natural touches and items brings a peaceful feel to your home. Keep your home Halloween decor natural, by stacking some ugly heirloom pumpkins as a table centrepiece. You could also make some floral centrepieces with bold and dramatic blooms.

Why go out and spend money on fake decorations when you can make use of what's around you. Using wooden repurposed old pallets to make a scary graveyard. you could also make a coffin pallet every little detail will make your home stand out. These decorations make your home more interesting than one made of plastic.



Pumpkins are the number one decoration for every Halloween celebration. They are very symbolic for Halloween so making them look good is important for any home. When picking your pumpkin. Choose the ugly ones to help create a spooky atmosphere for your decorations.

Orange Pumpkins tend to be what everyone has as they come in all shapes and colours. Why not mix it up this year and get those pumpkins that are usually left behind and make them your own. 

Do you want to take pumpkin carving to the next level? Get out your power tools and start carving pumpkins. You might be surprised how much fun you'll have carving pumpkins with power tools.

Using a drill bit to cut out the facemask holes has never been easier, don’t put too much pressure on the drill. You’ll be surprised how crisp and clean these holes come out. Much easier than using a knife. When using power tools make sure you are taking the correct safety measures to keep yourselves safe this Halloween holiday.



Spooky Accessories

Spooky Skeletons and Creepy Creatures are must-have decorations to have in your home this Halloween. Skeletons are amongst the most popular decorations at Halloween as they have lots of uses as well as being spooky. Having scary food on display around your home and the doorstep will help keep all the treats safe.

One way you could use your skeleton is by moving him around your home every day and changing what he's doing every day. Some examples could be bobbing for apples or cleaning up keeping your children entertained in the build-up to Halloween. 

Adding decorations at Halloween is all about the details. Adding spiders, crows and skulls to your decor will make the space feel extra spooky. You can use any creepy creatures you like as they fit in anywhere. Spiders with your cobwebs, crows in your trees and skulls spread around the home all add to the decoration.

Spooky Home Accessories


Perfect Party Decorations

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween bash for adults, kids, or both. There are plenty of affordable ways to decorate your home for a memorable celebration. Decorating your home ready for a Halloween party is all about having a theme. 

Themes such as a haunted house or a zombie prom give you a specific way to design your home's decoration ready for the party.

Decorations at parties have to be practical as well as looking good, so having a skeleton scavenger hunt around the house by hiding plastic skeleton bones around your home and garden is perfect. 

Other activities such as pumpkin carving and toilet paper mummies will add all to the mass decoration around your home. 

Perfect Party Decorations


Outdoor decoration

Outside is where you can let your creativity show. Start with a fun wreath or a Halloween dormant. The options are endless, whether you choose to decorate your front door or your whole house. Use spiders webs, skeletons creepy, monsters graveyards, pumpkins the list goes on and on.

If you have some spare time for DIY projects in the run-up to Halloween. You could make more decorations like ghosts out of bed sheets or wooden coffins and gravestones. You can go as big and bold as you like.

Outdoor Decoration

Most homemade decorations can be made with cheap supplies and in a short amount of time. You don't need to be an expert handyman, just knowing how to use scissors and tape is good enough for most decor.   

Whatever decoration you choose, make sure to get all the family involved and remember to have fun this Halloween. If you want to expand your knowledge on Halloween decorations read here.