2022 Interior Design Trends
Now that 2021 is over it's time to get into some of the biggest trends that are going to take over our homes in 2022.
To make sure you beat the rush we’re sharing our predictions of which trends will be biggest this year.


Environmentally friendly

In 2022 doing our bit for the environment is going to be crucial. Numerous trends year after year involve using unsustainable materials to assemble and create our favourite home decor. With the sustainability of the planet becoming more important it shows why having a sustainable home is crucial to a better future. 


When people mention sustainability to you, you may think of turning your lights off or cutting down on water use. However, there are many different ways to be sustainable around your home.

It can be easy to take a more sustainable route when decorating your home. There are many options in the design sector. Therefore, we can all be a part of making the environment better for the next generation. Using local suppliers and sustainable materials will dramatically improve your carbon footprint and also make your home look better and be stylish.


Here at AO Home, we have a dedicated range which not only looks great but it's also great for the environment too. Produced by Barker furniture who give us contemporary and traditional furniture for your home. All our Cotswold products will Bring a touch of French country chic into your kitchen or dining room. Bringing your home sleek curves and sophisticated colour palettes to life. 


All of our Cotswold products are made from Reclaimed wood comes from less traditional sources such as old brans and wine barrels which makes it considerably more sustainable than cutting down trees. Reclaimed wood makes some of the best coffee tables and flooring you can purchase for your home especially if you are after a rustic feeling.


Dark accents 

Adding darker accents to your home will help add depth without having to add unnecessary colour to your home. Choosing the right amount of natural light and dark colours in your home will change the feel of that area of your home. 

Adding elements of black and dark blues into areas of your home is the perfect way to follow this trend. Simple fixes like swapping door handles or table legs for something darker will instantly increase the depth of your home without adding too much to change the overall feel of your home. 


Not only can this be added in your living room but also included in your kitchen and bathrooms where adding these darker accents can increase the modernisation of your home. Great places to include this is on your taps and appliances around your home.


Multifunctional rooms 

As open-plan homes become more popular and electronic devices become more advanced, the design of your home shows the need to incorporate a range of multifunctional rooms. 


This includes your Kitchen, Dining room, home gym or any other room you want to include in your home to make it perfect for your situation.


If you were looking for some inspiration in creating your own multifunctional room for your home. We have come up with ways to create a room that is great for families that's not only stylish but also unique.

Having areas for children to play is essential which is why combining bedrooms with their playrooms has become a huge trend in home design. This is because of its usability and the lack of space it takes up in other parts of your home.


Cleaning up your living room of toys is no more. This is a good option for areas in cities where your child cannot be outside or where the weather is not suitable for being outside thorough the year.


Multifunctional rooms have become a must-have since the start of the global pandemic. Many people were forced to work from home, meaning people had to find a way to build their work environment into their homes. The home office began popping up in all homes with people needing to work but having to build a desk in their living room or transforming the spare bedroom into your new office. 



Even though a burst of colour in our homes is likely to be seen in 2022, we still cannot ignore one of the newest trends that will be calming neutrals. They will continue to bring a sense of calmness throughout your home. The use of creamy whites, beige and soft tones throughout your home will continue to stand strong in our interior on the walls part of your furniture and even on the floor.


One obvious reason why the use of calming neutral colours will continue to dominate the interior design trends of 2022 is that we continue to strive for balance and equilibrium in our homes that is smoothing we need after a long 2 years been at home. 


We want our home to provide a place where we feel safe and can relax with no distractions from big and bold items in other areas of your home. The simple colour palette of natural materials gives us a decor that is minimalist making it perfect for those smaller snug rooms. This will allow you to balance out the rooms in your home some with other elements that we have covered in this blog.

After large amounts of research into all four of these trends, we can safely say they are going to be up there in the most popular trends for your home. Some of you may have already integrated these trends into your homes, this shows the importance in been actively looking for new trends if you want them in your home straight away.


Yet, all these trends can be done in many different ways that will make your home unique. Whether it's the use of different environmentally friendly materials or different combinations of darker or calming colours which fits your homes environment.