Top Kitchen Trends for 2021

From advanced technology to kitchen storage, there are many kitchen trends, made perfectly for 2021. With new designs with innovative ideas on display, there are many trends which could be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Featured, is a list of the best and most helpful trends to use when designing or upgrading your kitchen in 2021.



As living spaces are smaller and storage is cleaner. This means that minimal kitchens are becoming more popular.

Items that filled worktops can now store away into cabinets with brass finishes. You can use that space which is now available, especially as you have more concealment in the kitchen.

As a design trend, placing your items into cupboards will bring extra space, when you live with minimal storage. If you enjoy kitchen gadgets, these can be effectively stored away to have more storage.

Minimalist Kitchen


As technology improves, the future is evolving around applications and gadgets. This evolution will enhance your kitchen experience.

From voice devices to cooking-assisting iPads, there are many benefits of smart devices. This may include cooking your dinner from work and having a meal for when you arrive home - which is a huge bonus!

When it comes to voice-activated devices, they can help in all kitchen related queries. Have you ever been baking and needed the conversion for measurements? Or needed an exciting recipe for your next meal? This is where the voice devices and other technologies become the trend for your kitchen.

Kitchen Trends for Technology

With the use of special technology, this allows an optimal heat and faster heating times. At the same time, this avoids heat which is difficult to reach, even during cooking on many levels. This is a huge bonus as you can enjoy your meals quicker than ever before!


From chopping boards to salad servers, there are many accessories which can assist with the many meals you can make. Adding accessories regardless of the size of the job in hand will assist you with the meals you are preparing.

Kitchen Accessories Trend

One of the accessories, which are really helpful in each stage of preparing a meal is the chopping board. The chopping board is kinder to the knife blade, which is important as it keeps your equipment in the best quality.

In different shapes and sizes, especially when preparing foods, using various bowls will help throughout each step of the meal process. Regardless of the meal, you should get large and small bowls to be prepared.

Kitchen Chopping Boards

Handle-Free Designs

When you have a handle-free design, this becomes popular for interiors becoming hassle-free, especially when it comes to cleaning.

When it comes to designing your kitchen, a kitchen with no handles becomes so much more stylish than appliances with handles. This is because it looks uncluttered and streamlined.

Handle-Free Kitchen Designs

Spark of Colour

From colourful cutlery to cabinets, there are ways for colours to make the room stand out with a brightness and popping colours.

Whilst adding the colours to your kitchen, there is also a growing trend with the addition of two-tone colours. This will create striking new combinations that are visually appealing to create perfect designs.

Colourful Kitchen Trends

When choosing the perfect cabinets, the addition of the two-tone colours will create amazing combinations to be extra visually appealing. If looking to redesign a space in a more innovative aesthetic, the two-tone colours will create the perfect kitchen.

As the days get shorter and the nights get darker, the addition of bright colours to your kitchen, as well as your home, will create a positive and bright environment!

Colourful Kitchen

If you use bright primary and secondary colours, these are original yet lasting colours to be chosen for kitchen appliances. If you mix the colours with colours such as greens and blues, it will create an amazing combination. As well,  if you’re accessories follow these colour patterns, your kitchen will be amazing!

Total Darkness

Ironically, this point is an oxymoron to the previous section which show the benefits of adding popping colours. This point shows adding darker colours such as black can make your kitchen stylish, especially as it’s a popular trend.

Darker Kitchen

The addition of total dark colours is ageless whilst being super stylish, it is also a strong and bold choice. The best way to implement the dark design is by keeping it simple around the finishes, matching matt and metallic surfaces.

Partnered with white or silver appliances, bolder and darker colours can create an amazing design fo your kitchen. While darker colours continue to dominate cabinets and appliances going forward, for extra design, these colours will improve your kitchen.

Darker Coloured Kitchen Trend

Dining Tables

When adding clever equipment and accessory solutions are apart of your perfect kitchen. Because only when the equipment of a kitchen is intuitive and comfortable you can use it.

In the kitchen, there are new table and bench solutions that can be designed to match your unique kitchen design. Featuring modern dining tables as well as reclaimed pieces that are displayed perfectly for any situation.

Kitchen Dining Table Trends

The best dining tables will provide a stylish backdrop for all those virtual or personal get-togethers, whether it’s homework club, dinner parties, or informal workspace.

Your dining table will also work well as working digitally, especially as everyone is working from home at the moment.

Choosing your dining table for your kitchen or any other tables in your home is an important process. Your tables should be a valued and important investment that should be built to last for long periods of time. The tables should be eco-friendly as well as built from high-quality materials, even if they are reclaimed pieces of work. This is because this can become the symbol of comfort for your friends and family.

Kitchen Table


In your kitchen, multiple lighting fixtures will provide ambient lighting. If you have simplistic features, it will work within different areas without being overwhelming. 

If you have hanging fixtures, it needs to be perfectly spaced rather than in random spots, which helps the kitchen be always lit.

Kitchen Lighting Trends

If you want to gain ambient lighting instantly, if you use lamps they will illuminate the whole kitchen and can be switched off when you want gentler light from individual lamps and candles.

When adding ambient light fixtures they can be attached to a dimmer to make them dimmable and set the mood - even LED light fixtures are now dimmable, which is a bonus! This is also helpful if you are doing some late-night cooking and want to dim the light so it doesn’t become too bright.

Dimmed Lighting