2021 Bedroom Storage Trends

2021 Bedroom Storage Trends

Whether it is working from home or having furniture with multi-functionality, extra storage can be found anywhere in your home and be easily accessible with home furniture!

Read on to find out how the best storage hacks are perfect for your home in 2021:


Home Working

As there are a progression and change in the way people are working, there is an adjustment of people working from home. 

With studies and a survey of “958 company directors by the Institute of Directors (IoD) has found that nearly three-quarters (74%) intend to continue with increased home-working post-coronavirus”. This is quoted, as it is showing that a proportion of people within a company decide to work from home, so we need to be prepared for it.

Working from Home

Whether it is books, computers and other equipment, there is a need for extra storage solutions to be able to prepare yourself for the day ahead and remove clutter and confusion.

With this, there needs to be the ability to create a comfortable space in your home to be able to work efficiently throughout the day, and for many, this place might become the bedroom.

With the use of reclaimed furniture such as an Irish coast desk, these include the many options for storage and is the perfect all-round solution - which is always a bonus!

Irish Coast Desk for Home Working

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Fortunately, with the further growth of the subject of global warming, the trend of using environmentally friendly materials is also a growing trend.  The use of reclaimed materials is also a growing trend worldwide.

Interior designers widely use ecological materials, which is beneficial for the planet as well as the perfect way to create more storage, whilst being environmentally-friendly.

These materials are being used a lot on the walls, creating a very interesting rustic effect whilst mixing in reclaimed materials throughout your bedroom.

Reclaimed Furniture


Whether it’s a bed or a footstool, the ability to have multifunctionality is an important aspect of increasing storage in your bedroom. 

When implementing the use of a credenza, you can use include the main use of the sideboard with the top section. With the extra addition of additional shelving, you can utilise this storage for day to day items without cluttering the top shelving for everyone use for all - which is extremely beneficial!

Table with Multi-Functionality