2020 Living Room Trends

With the increasing amount of relaxation and creativity which is to be enjoyed in your living room, which trends are the best addition to your living room?

From an increase of home working to adding abstract colours to your living room, there are many trends to add to your room throughout 2020 and going to 2021.

Abstract Colours

When thinking about using abstract colours, using bright colours can introduce life into a previously dull interior and elevate the entire room into another. 

When using a mixture of the strong primary shades of blue, yellow, and red will provide adequate contrast, while balancing out the style of the room with the combination and blend of abstract colours.

Abstract Colours

With abstract colours, you can create bold geometrics, hand-drawn sketches and playful blocks of colour,  to be able to express emotions and personality in our homes. The purpose is to create and evoke emotion and create a mood, which shows different pieces of creativity.

From cushions and paintings to ranges of furniture, adding abstract designs and colours to your living room will add an artistic flair of these trends of having abstract colours in your home.

Abstract Art in Living Room


Velvet Furniture

When it comes to furnishings, velvet sofas and cushions are continuing to be a trend and being popular inside people’s homes. 

When choosing to have velvet furniture in your home, it is best partnered with tactile qualities such as piping, tassels and fringing, which helps add that extra creative design to your home!

Velvet Furniture

In your living home, if you have synthetic velvet furniture, such as ones made from high-quality polyester, the furniture is less susceptible to marking, fading or crushing. This results in getting the real look and feel of velvet on top of the added protection, which is gained from the high-quality materials used - which is always a bonus!

As well as the practicality of the high-quality materials, having velvet furniture in your living home in effortlessly and creatively stylish, regardless of the variables of the fittings. 

Adding velvet to your home instantly gives your living room a more luxurious look and feel due to the qualities of the fabric.

Velvet Furniture Living Room


Wooden Interiors

When in your living room, a place to relax from the day which has taken place from the day behind you, you need to add furniture and items which are going to improve the relaxation.

When opting for wooden unique interiors and features, the trend of wooden interior design is all about incorporating tranquillity and warmth into the design by using reclaimed wooden materials to gain new furniture such as stools and tables to add unique furniture into your home.

Reclaimed Materials - Stool and Tables

By creating a rustic-style living room, you’ll be able to enjoy a rustic style lodge location, without having to escape from your home, with all the benefits of comfortability and relaxation.


Darker Colours

If using the trend of abstract colours is a bit too much for you and a bold move, why not try incorporating darker colour as a base theme for your living room?

When using darker themes, there seems to be a more sophisticated way of using related tones to create a  sophisticated interior, whether that’s through painting ceilings or decorating your home in similar styles.

Darker Living Room Styles

When deciding to go dark with a colour palette, it is important to make sure to use some crisp, energizing darks which compliment the other styles in your living room, as well as your home as a whole. 


Home Office

As this pandemic has become a quick shock to everyone, so it might be a possibility that you’ve had to set up your home office in your living room, so why not create a workplace which is comfortable enough to complete your work?

One of the challenges when designing home offices, especially if you’re situated in a smaller living room, is managing the tangles of wires that come with the ever-increasing amount of home workplace that needs to stay connected without interruptions.

Living Room Home Office