2020 Interior Design Trends

As the design trends are evolving, what are the best 2020 interior design trends for your home? 


When choosing new furniture for your home, adding furniture with more textures will create and bring patterns and extra designs for your abode.

There are many options in terms of colours and textures that you can incorporate around your home.

Textured Furniture

Black and White

Although it is a bold colour for your house, the trend for black and white colours are going to be growing throughout 2020. You can also use accessories like clocks to add black and white colours to your home.

If you use a mix of black and white, it will provide a sense of balance and boldness, especially with the shades of black,  to the feel of your home.

Black and White Furnishings


If you like the simple style and unfussy pieces but still want a home that feels relaxed and comfortable, choosing a simplistic style is the best choice for you, which is also a trend which is growing going into 2020.

Whether in your kitchen or your bedroom, this look works and the new neutrals are warming, as you look to create a calm space in your home.

Simplistic Design

Carpet and Rugs

When adding carpet to your home, with the style comes the character, texture, and undeniable warmth.

In 2020, the style of adding rugs and carpets to your home, are becoming a must-have design essential rather than a simple necessity. With the array of designs and colours, add more warmth and comfortability to your home with carpets and rugs.

Carpets and Rugs