2020 Bedroom Design Trends

With the increasing amount of relaxation and creativity, the most important question is what are the best design trends to add to your bedroom?

From an increase of technology to adding plants to your home, there are many bedroom design trends to add to your home throughout 2020 and going to 2021.


Throughout 2020, technology to add to your bedroom has been increasing with the many variations of gadgets.

With built-in apps and software like Apple Homekit and Google Home, these applications can be set up to hardware around your home, especially in the bedroom to make your morning routine easier. To showcase the ways these technologies can help, here are a few examples:


As shown in the video, one of the helpful automation which can be completed in your home is opening and closing blinds and curtains as well as turning on lamps and lighting which is used in conjunction with HomeKit enabled plugs.


With an increase of knowledge and popularity in the subjects surrounding being eco-friendly and improving the planet.

As reclaimed furniture is becoming all the rage, instead of buying yourself a new bookcase or desk, why not buy this bedroom furniture which is made from reclaimed woods?

Reclaimed Bookcase

As well as reclaimed materials, you could also eco-friendly lightbulbs to be able to go into any lighting in your home and are the same brightness but save up to 75% of electricity - which is a bonus!  This study shows more information about how LEDs are better and more energy-efficient compared to CFL bulbs.

LED Bulbs

From lamps and lanterns to eye-catching chandeliers, there are many forms of lighting which will add to your home,  as well as classic options which are becoming more popular and trendy for your bedroom.

Plants and Nature

As studies show there is less stress when around plants, flowers and nature, it is increasingly important to have more greenery in your bedroom, as well as surrounding your bed, which will freshen up your day!

Flowers in Bedroom

Whilst mixing in your interior design, there is an increasing trend of using natural materials, such as wrapping leaves around your bed or placing flowers around your bedroom which also helps with increasing the amount of fresh air.

When adding plants to your bedroom, these plants absorb the carbon dioxide from the environment and produce oxygen during the day that can then be released at night, this is just one of the many reasons of which you should add plants and flowers to your bedroom and walls around your room.


As the bedroom is the room, where we truly relax, it is crucial to get your designs comfortable and relaxing for all your needs.

As it is important to relax in your bedroom, choosing tranquil and calming colours will help you settle down, regardless if you start or ending your day. As well as tranquil colours, you can also add art decor to your bedroom to increase the creative design- and who doesn’t want that?

Tranquil Bedroom Colours