Health and Beauty

Deluxe Hair Pomade
High shine, strong hold. Our Deluxe Pomade is water soluble, so nice and easy to... by Bedfordshire Beard Co.
Energy Candle
Made with a unique blend essential oils including an awakening peppermint and luxurious frankincense, Energy... by Bedfordshire Beard Co.
Relax Candle
Made with a unique blend of essential oils including a calming clary sage and notoriously... by Bedfordshire Beard Co.
Warm Spice Candle
Made with a unique blend of essential oils including sweet vanilla, spicy cinnamon and warming... by Bedfordshire Beard Co.
Stresses Away Oil
Escape from the day to day stresses & strains of modern day life with this... by Devaiya Oils
Nourished Nail Oil
Nourishing your nails with this 100% natural oil. Ideal for strengthening weak and chapped nails,...
Beard Oil Multipack 10ml
Can't decide which scent to choose? The 10ml multi pack is the perfect solution. Gift... by Bedfordshire Beard Co.
Deluxe Beard Grooming Gift Set Scents
Our Deluxe Gift Set is the prefect gift or a nice treat to yourself just... by Bedfordshire Beard Co.
The Classic Wash Bag
Our Classic Wash Bag in our flagship Vintage Brown Leather with oversized initials is an essential... by Bedfordshire Beard Co.
Barber Pro Post Shave Cooling Mask
The Barber Professional Post Shave Cooling Mask with Collagen has been designed specifically for men... by Bedfordshire Beard Co.
Foaming Cleansing Mask with Activated Charcoal
This self-foaming sheet mask bubbles to create a micro-massage on the skin that cleanses the... by Bedfordshire Beard Co.
Gentlemen Sheet Mask with Collagen
The GENTLEMEN'S SHEET MASK is a rejuvenating and hydrating treatment for the skin. by Bedfordshire Beard Co.