Aircharge iPhone Wireless Charging Case

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In 2007, Make Me Something Special was founded by Ben and Davina to design and create perfect gifts for any occasion. Every piece of wood is carefully hand-selected based on its natural beauty and is then transformed and engraved with your personal inscription to make each piece unique. MMSS is a family business based within the Surrey Hills. They strive to create something special and unique for each and every customer. Ben and Davina pride themselves on being one of the few remaining companies that values craftsmanship and attention to detail above all else.
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If you have ordered, or are planning to order one of our personalised wooden wireless chargers and you want to charge your iPhone wirelessly, you will need one of these iPhone wireless charging cases…


Apple doesn’t make wireless phones as of yet – unlike the Samsung Galaxy range and other Qi ready smartphones – so you will need a case that will receive the power. This stunning-looking dual coloured iPhone charging case is made by Aircharge, a UK based company that specialises in wireless charging technology, and the same company who make the wireless charger component that is built into our wireless phone chargers.


If you have an iPhone and you want to charge it wirelessly, all you do then is slip on this wireless charging case and you are ready to charge your phone.


If you have any questions about wireless charging, take a look at our wireless charging information page or contact us.

iPhone 5: 1 cm thick  x  7.2cm wide  x  15cm long 

iPhone 6: 1 cm thick  x  7.2cm wide  x  15cm long

iPhone 6 plus: 1 cm thick  x  10cm wide  x  15cm long

iPhone 7: 1 cm thick  x  10cm wide  x  15cm long

iPhone 7 plus: 1 cm thick  x  10cm wide  x  15cm long

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